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R-SC6 Chakra Blue

  • Introducing the R-SC6 Chakra Blue, a groundbreaking masterpiece conceived and crafted by the visionary Master Builder, Gus K. This guitar is a testament to innovation, seamlessly blending a modern approach with timeless elegance. The R-SC6 Chakra Blue stands as a fresh and daring take on the classic single-cut design, transcending traditional standards to carve its own path.

    Modern Neck-Through Design: Setting itself apart from conventional models, the R-SC6 Chakra Blue features a modern neck-through design, exemplifying Gus K's commitment to pushing the boundaries of guitar craftsmanship. This innovation not only enhances sustain and resonance but also provides a sleek and ergonomic playing experience.

    Extended 25.5" Scale Length: Diverging from tradition, the extended 25.5" scale length of the R-SC6 Chakra Blue offers a unique sonic landscape. Gus K's refusal to conform to conventional standards results in a guitar that delivers unparalleled clarity and articulation across all registers.

    EMG Hetfield Set: Powering the R-SC6 Chakra Blue is the mighty EMG 57/66 Hetfield Set, delivering the crushing tones synonymous with the Metallica legend. These pickups provide a perfect balance of aggression and clarity, making the guitar an ideal companion for players seeking high-octane performance and sonic versatility.

    Gotoh Locking Tuners: Equipped with precision Gotoh Locking Tuners, the R-SC6 Chakra Blue ensures rock-solid tuning stability. Gus K's meticulous attention to detail guarantees that this guitar stays perfectly in tune, allowing you to focus on your playing without interruption.

    Chakra Blue Finish on Zero Gloss Back: The R-SC6 Chakra Blue boasts a stunning Chakra Blue finish that radiates sophistication. The zero-gloss back not only enhances the guitar's tactile appeal but also reflects Gus K's dedication to merging aesthetic finesse with a modern edge. This combination creates a visual masterpiece that is both captivating and unique.

    Blazing a Trail: True to Gus K's ethos of forging his own path, the R-SC6 Chakra Blue is not just a guitar; it's a bold statement of individuality and innovation. This instrument invites players to break free from convention and embrace a modern vision of what a single-cut guitar can be.

    Unleash your creativity and embark on a sonic journey with the R-SC6 Chakra Blue. This guitar is more than an instrument; it's an expression of Gus K's relentless pursuit of excellence and a canvas for your musical exploration. Redefine your expectations with a guitar that stands at the forefront of contemporary design and performance.

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