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Instrument Services

Come to Guerilla Guitars for a complete setup and tuning of your instruments. We provide a full level of intrument services, including repairs and upgrades as well as a full custom options of finishes and repaints. All done within a modern manufacturing environment with the most up to date products and tools.

Setup Services

  • String installation
  • Complete cleaning of the instrument
  • Neck relief adjustment ( truss rod)
  • String height adjustment (action)
  •  Intonation adjustment
  • Cleaning and lubrification of the fingerboard
  • Frets polishing
  • Tuner lubrification
  • String contact point lubrification ( graphite lubricant )
  • Electronic cleaning (pots & switches)

 Repair Services

  • Refret (Nickel, stainless, Evo)
  • Fret Leveling 
  • Neck Reset
  • Electronic adjustments or modifications
  • Pickup Installations 
  • Broken Headstock 
  • Unglued Bridge 
  • Custom made Nuts
  • Crack Repairs
  • Custom Mods

Finish Services

  • Color change 
  • High Gloss to Matt finishes
  • Finish repair 

Please contact us for any information or questions you may have.