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My world has revolved around guitars since I picked one up at the age of 14. Since then it has captivated me on every level there is really no other instrument that can be as beautiful or as brutal in sound and delivering emotion on every level. I started Guerilla Guitars 13 years ago and its been a fantastic journey but 2018 marks a new year for me, not only do I want to push my creative boundaries but I want to build some of the coolest most rarest guitars ever. We will push forward in using the best technological advancements, the best and most original colors and some of the coolest inlays. Everything that is built is built by me from my two hands and I have built guitars for people all around the world. Every guitar has a story and now with our new site this story will be told for all people to see the beauty and savagery that my guitars encompass.
Kosta K